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This course is for individuals who want to help community, carry and use handcuffs as a licensed security professional, are required to add a restrain endorsement to their Security worker license. To do s they are required to complete AST Course provided by instructors approved by JIBC.
Course Details:
AST is 24 hours course focusing on:
  • Security Services Act & Regulations
  • Advanced Force Options Theory
  • Introduction to Control Tactics
  • Application of Restraints
  • Excited Delirium & Positional Asphyxia
  • Report writing & Documentation
The students must get at least 75% marks for successful completion of training and certification, which makes them t apply for a license authorization to carry handcuffs on duty.
Duration of course: 24 hours (8 hours x 3 Days)- in class
$375.0 –course fees
$62.0- exam fees
Must hold a BST certificate before enrolment.
  1. Students are advised that they have to have made FULL PAYMENT before the start of the course.
  2. Students are advised that the AST course is PHYSICALLY DEMANDING and MENTALLY CHALLENGING (24 hours is MANDATORY). Therefore students are advised NOT to work any shifts during the course.
  3. Students are advised of the STRICT RULES of the course:
  1. MANDATORY to be on time for the 3 days of training (constant lateness will result in DISMISSAL from the course).
  2. MANDATORY to be back on time from BREAKS during the course.
  3. MANDATORY – not use CELL PHONES during any class presentations – MUST be put away and not on the desks (can only use cell phones during breaks).
  4. MANDATORY – all students must wear appropriate GYM ATTIRE for physical training on all 3 days of the course (ONLY T-SHIRTS – No long sleeve-will be allowed, PANTS must have pockets).
  5. MANDATORY – all students MUST NOT WEAR any JEWELLRIES during the 3 days of training (Bracelets, watches, neck chains, rings etc. – strictly ENFORCED – for SAFETY REASONS – during Physical Training).
  • 26,27,28 June - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday #227- 7093- King George Blvd. Surrey, BC V3W5A2 Time: 9:00-5:00pm

    The AST course, priced at $375 for the course and study material and tax $62 for exams, is for licensed security professionals seeking a restraint endorsement. It's a 24-hour program covering Security Services Act, Control Tactics, Restraints, etc. Completion with 75% allows handcuff authorization. Full payment is required before starting. Students must adhere strictly to punctuality, attire, and conduct rules. THE STUDENTS MUST HAVE A BASIC SECURITY WORKER LICENSE (BST) BEFORE ENROLLING into AST COURSE.

    Available Seats: 10

    Cost: $455.00

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