Special Summer Classes available for all subjects

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Course Schedule

Looking for the basic education on the primary subjects like Maths, Science and English? You can count on us. Tutoring for all grades in Surrey is easily available at our center.


If you are seeking a special education on an advanced level you can opt for our IELTS, ESL, CELPIP, CELBAN in Surrey. We offer an excellent course facilitated by learned professionals.


Under this category comes variety of educational facilities. From Food Safe Level 1 Course in Surrey to Security Guard course (BST) in Surrey we have it all. Call us for more information!


We offer certified courses for proper recognition in the market. This is to say you can place these certificates and get jobs easily. contact us for more details about our courses.

Book Food Safe Level 1 Course & First Aid Level 1 Course in Surrey – Consult with Super Study Learning Center

Welcome to the Super Study Learning Center. Our mission is to help our candidates find respectable jobs in the market. When you join the Super Study Learning Center, you are partnering with dedicated and highly qualified teachers committed to helping the candidate reach his or her full potential.

Special Summer Classes available for all subjects.

Our offered courses are

Our motto is to, “Impart knowledge, not just education”

We know that every person’s learning capabilities are different. At the Super Study Learning Center, we evaluate our candidates to recognize his or her individual requirements and strengths. Our philosophy is to give our students a strong fundamental background in all the courses. This will help to attain confidence in the subjects and acquire a proper understanding of the concepts that will stay with them in the future.

We have also recently introduced practical forklift training and license for adults. Our certification courses can help them find a job in the forklift industry very easily.

Our training also includes the security guard course (BST). Our well-trained professionals can help you get the best training!

Well, that is not all, our study centre also has first aid level 1 training and food safe level 1 courses. Join our centre today, to gain confidence, proper certification, and license to find a job in this competitive market.

What We Teach

Food Safe Level 1

We offer basic knowledge on food hygiene and safety. You can count on us for the Food Safe Level 1 Course in Surrey. We emphasize on the food safety. We train our students to maintain proper condition of the food. We encourage preventing food borne illness. Thereby making sure that public and workers are safe from harmful foods. Call us and book your course today.

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Forklift Training and License

Forklift Training Programs are delivered at your location or at our location Trainees receive in-depth instruction on regulations and safe operation as well as extensive hands-on training. Each trainee’s knowledge and skill level is evaluated and those able to demonstrate an acceptable level of operational competence receive employee documentation and Operator Certification cards.

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Security Guard (BST) Course

Security guards are always required in every aspect of our lives. Be it in the office, shops or homes. Security services are of huge importance and are required everywhere. We have expert trainers who have been involved in the security field for a long period of time and can provide our students a practical training to our students. Therefore, our Security Guard course (BST) in Surrey can be of huge help to you.

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First Aid Level 1 Course

Learn about the basic of first aid offered in a hospital. We can help you with the First aid level 1 (OFA 1) in Surrey. CPR is one of the major things that can save a dying man. We have expert trainers tai care of the first aid and CPR courses. It is important to note that when you give wrong CPR there are chances that the person might die, therefore it is important to know the process before you apply it on them. Call and join the First Aid Level 1 & CPR Course.

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We provide basic science education that can help you get a fair idea about the subject. Our courses restricted to 10th standard education only. Basics of science can enhance the daily knowledge. Well, we can help you get the best quality science knowledge and make sure that you get the best quality deals in the area. We will help you get the best science lesson that can offer you the perfect and widespread knowledge.

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An all-in-one workshop providing information about poisonous materials or controlled products in the workplace. The course pack works with the certified Worksafe BC manuals and recommended industrial materials. The objective of the WHMIS course is to help workers providing them information about potential hazards and how to stay safe during working hours. When it comes to WHMIS, hazardous products and elements must come with necessary labels and also Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The labels can help in identifying the potential hazards of a certain product and the necessary precautionary measures. Also, the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide more details about the same and ways to cope with emergencies.

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IELTS Preparation

Our esteemed organization has special classes for the IELTS, ESL, CELPIP, CELBAN in Surrey. We can help you get an advanced training in these courses. IELTS is an important examination that you need to pass in order to study abroad. You will have to keep the score of minimum 7.0 in the IELTS and that is pretty tough! Well, do not worry; we can help you find the best result with proper training at an effective rate.

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Math is rather a tough subject when you do not have the best teacher. We have expert tutors who can help you get proper math tuition from 1st to 10th standard. You can now acquire the required training required to gain the minimum knowledge about math. Let not math be a boring and scary subject any longer. With our professional tutor’s help, math will become as easy as opening a tap. Come and join us today!

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Real Estate Course

We will help you in preparing to pass the pass the real estate exam. our lessons are planed in a way to provide you the most relevant information about the course in a concise way. Get you UBC real estate exam passed and get you license faster. The course material is prepared in a way so that it is retained easily.

Classes are 3 days a week morning and/or evening and it is 10 weeks course.

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Importance Of Tutoring For All Grades In Surrey

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