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WHMIS Course in Surrey & Vancouver – Book Now Today

An all-in-one workshop providing information about poisonous materials or controlled products in the workplace. The course pack works with the certified Work safe BC manuals and recommended industrial materials.

The objective of the WHMIS course in Vancouver and Surrey is to help workers providing them with information about potential hazards and how to stay safe during working hours. When it comes to the WHMIS course in Surrey/ Vancouver, hazardous products and elements must come with necessary labels and also Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The labels can help in identifying the potential hazards of a certain product and the necessary precautionary measures. Also, the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide more details about the same and ways to cope with emergencies.

WHMIS Course in Vancouver

This WHMIS certification in Vancouver is will in gaining knowledge about hazardous classes and categories, pictograms, workplace & supplier labels and how to make use of Safety Data Sheets.

Why take the WHMIS Course in Vancouver/Surrey?

As a professional, one can encounter a lot of different and unexpected situations while on duty. Every employee is equally valuable and needs the proper knowledge to deal with the tough and tricky situations. This is where the WHMIS training program comes in and can greatly benefit the workers. Staying true to the objective, the entire training program is tailored to promote knowledge and awareness among the working community. To ensure the workforce can stay safe and also intervene in any problematic situations for others in the workplace.

WHMIS course in Surrey/Vancouver was started to promote work-life safety standards and quality for employees dedicating their lives to a cause.

Upon successful completion of the WHMIS Course in Surrey/Vancouver, candidates will be given a certificate validating their skills. They’ll also be reminded about employers’ responsibilities of providing an annual on-site job role-specific training.

Will any official certificates be awarded?

Yes, candidates who successfully complete the WHMIS Course in Vancouver will get documents i.e certificated accredited to their names. Worksafe BC also requires on the job training every year.

So, are you interested in taking up a job-specific training program? Why join a WHMIS to become a more valuable and knowledgeable professional.

  • 27 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Friday #227- 7093- King George Blvd. Surrey, BC V3W5A2 Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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  • every day - daily Time: TBD

    The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is designed to provide health & safety information about hazardous products in the workplace. Workers who work with, or are exposed to hazardous products may be at risk for serious health problems, therefore they should receive education & training in WHMIS. same day certification.

    Available Seats: 4

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  • daily - everyday Time: TBD

    Available Seats: 12

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