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Why you need to learn the basics of First Aid and CPR

When crisis strikes, every minute is important and precious, especially when it is a matter of life and death. In medical emergencies, the first response that the patient receives is held in great value. There are many instances where a certain accident victim couldn’t be revived because he didn’t reach the hospital in time. Finally, the doctors declare that the victim could have been saved if he received the primary medical help or first aid on time. In cases of cardiac arrest, an emergency CPR can be a lifesaver to the patient. But how many of us actually know how to do that? Here’s where the importance of a first aid level 1 course in Vancouver takes precedence.  Even to save the lives of your dear ones you need to have a basic training in First aid and CPR. You cannot prevent accidents from happening. However, you can be prepared to deal with one in the best way possible if you have the right knowledge and training. Reasons to take a First Aid Level 1 Course in Vancouver  There are numerous reasons to get some basic training in First Aid and CPR. Given under is a few that will help you in understanding the importance of it  LIFESAVER : The word first-aid is self-explanatory. It is the first or primary care that you receive in a medical crisis. According to medical experts, the right administration of first aid can save a life even in the worst conditions. We often rush to help an injured or sick person, but a trained person can be an asset in trauma situations. Having the right knowledge, he/she will know what to do to give some medical relief to the victim and may even save a life.  INSTANT RELIEFS : We often get minor injuries like cuts, sprains, and bruises. A person, who has training in first aid, will certainly have some tricks and procedures that will help reduce the pain and give instant relief. In case of neck sprains and fractures, a trained person will be able to provide with primary care like positioning the body in a particular posture so that the condition does not worsen.  SAFETY AND SECURITY : First aid level 1 Course not only teaches you the basics of primary aid but also educates you about the preventive measures. A trained person is more alert and aware of his/her surroundings and will take any measure to avert a medical crisis. For example, Cardiac arrest shows signs of distress beforehand. A trained person might be able to detect that in the patient and take proper measures before it is too late. Another good thing is that when a person is trained in First Aid and CPR it instills a sense of security among people around. Hence, it is very important that you get a basic knowledge about primary medical care through First Aid level 1 Course in Vancouver. It is your best bet to stay safe and ensure security to the people around you.

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