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Food Safe Level 1 in Canada

Sign up for Food Safe Level 1 in Canada to Enhance your Professional Authority

Food Safe Level 1 in Canada is a course that teaches about food handling, sanitation, and safety at work. The course is mainly targeted to polish the services of cooks, servers, dishwashers, bussers, and daily workers. It involves a certification that will help you prove your authenticity in the long run. The aim of the course is to cover the BC Health Act: Food Premises Regulations. In Canada, there are some boundaries and ethics that the food and hygiene sector must maintain. And, to make sure the laws are enforced properly, there are officials who inspect the practices. With our Food Safe Level 1 in Canada course, we will prepare you for the certification. Therefore, you’ll be able to be a certified professional.

Importance of Food Safe Level 1 in Canada

People who work in the food industry are responsible for producing good quality products for consumption. Therefore, the knowledge of basic principles and legislation is mandatory. Because, without knowing the food safety and hygiene guidelines, maintaining the quality can be burdensome. The Food Safe Level 1 course is the most common certified program that is directed towards food handlers to reduce malpractices. The primary intention of the course is to educate future professionals about basic food hygiene standards, risk factors, and healthy practices as per the instruction of the Canadian Government.

Highlights of the Course for Food Save Level 1 in Canada

The Food Save Level 1 in Canada is the first step towards starting your journey as a professional in Food Industry. The course we offer at Super Study Learning Center will help you to take your step towards the certification. The key features of our course for Food Save Level 1 in Canada are –
  1. Our course is in line with the curriculum suggested by RSPH and CIEH Level 1 Food Safety Awareness program.
  2. The course further has the clean chit from the UK and EU legal requirements.
  3. It is also recognized by CPD as well as accredited by RoSPA
  4. The course length is of 8 hours which students must attend.
  5. Students who are taking this course must achieve 70% or more on the written multiple-choice examination for certification.
  6. Furthermore, the certificate will be valid for the upcoming 5 years.
  7. Finally, it will take 4-6 weeks to get the original certificates from Frazer Health.
That’s all. You’ll get all the additional details regarding timing and seats on the right side of the window.

Who Should Take the Course of Food Safe Level 1 in Canada

The Food Save Level 1 in Camada is for any worker who is not directly involved with food making, processing, and handling. Anyone who’s indirectly connected to the food industry can go for this course. They can be –
  • Front house workers
  • Checkout staff
  • Waiters
  • Bar workers
  • Food delivery personnel
  • Kitchen members
  • Warehouse staff
This course is not sufficient for those involved directly with the production of food. For cooks and food processing personnel, the suitable course is Food and Hygiene Safety Level 2. On the other hand, officers responsible for quality checks need to go for Food and Hygiene Safety Level 3.

Register for Food Save Level 1 Course with Super Study Learning Center

Food Save Level 1 in Canada is a mandatory course if you wish to build your career in the Food Hygiene Standard line. And, to get the certificate for working as a professional, you need to register for the course. Super Study Learning Center offers reliable and affordable Food Save Level 1 in Canada. Our program will make you capable of enforcing the compliance of the safety audit as proposed by Canadian law. Our course is recognized by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). To book your classes, fill in the form given on the website.

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