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Job Description Of A Forklift Driver

Job highlights

  1. Being a fresher forklift driver you will be able to earn $15 per hour (rate varies from place to place)
  2. As an experienced driver, you will get $20 per hour (rate varies from place to place)
  3. You need forklift training and license in Surrey in order to drive a forklift.

The job of a forklift driver

Forklift driver operates the forklifts to move heavy goods in the storage yards, construction sites warehouses, and factories. The machine has a hydraulic lift mechanism that helps the driver to lift and move heavy goods around. The work of a forklift driver might seem easy but it is very repetitive. Moreover, the driver has to be very careful and needs to dri9ve very carefully to avoid an accident with the factories and warehouses. Forklifts rarely move out of the factories and when they do the driver needs a special license to drive on a heavy traffic road. The special license is required in order to avoid any accident or casualty. Operating a forklift is a hazardous occupation and this is because of the constant noise in the factory and fumes from the heavy goods that are being carried. Therefore, safety practice is necessary. A forklift driver usually works eight hours a day according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Basic education requirement

The most important training for education that is required is the forklift training. However, the basic education that is required is a high school diploma or GED. It depends on where you are working. If you have to manage harmful chemicals you need to have basic training and high school diploma is a must. Apart from this, you need to have proper forklift training and license in Surrey in order to get the best job.

The future of forklift jobs

The career of a forklift driver is bright as there is less to fewer people who are opting for this job. People focus on getting the best training and sit back in an air-conditioned office and work all day. But there are lesser candidates who are enrolling here. The improvement of the equipment has also given way to the possibilities of getting more profit from this job.

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