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Food Safe Level 1 Course : Hygiene and Awareness in the Catering Industry

Food handling along with sanitation and work safety course is designed for food service establishment operators and as well as for front line food service workers. The program is concentrated mainly amongst cooks along with servers, dishwashers and so on. What the course covers- The all important food safe level 1 course in Surrey covers food safety program and worker safety information. It generally includes foodborne illness, receiving and storing foods, serving food. In the final stages cleaning and sanitizing are also taken into consideration. The course is ideally suited for all individuals in the following category:

  • Anyone working in the food handling environment
  • Any employee involved in preparing food
  • Appropriate for individuals wanting to learn basic hygiene skills
  • Individuals seeking a job in the catering industry
  • Individuals who are wanting to improve food handling skills
Allows building a social networking platform- The individuals can also built-in social networking platform in order to share tips and advice. These tips and knowledge sharing can be done with other learners. They can seek help from their peers for completion of practical tasks. The platform would allow the managers to sign off after witnessing the progress of the learners. The students can master the basic principals- As of the food safe level 1 course in Vancouver is concerned, the students would master the basic principles that are required to prepare, store and handle food in a safe manner. It would decrease the risk of contamination or health dangers. To be honest all these practical skills can be applied with immediate effect. The approach is an essential stepping stone for all and sundry who aspires to embark on a career as a professional caterer.

Listed below are a couple of advantages of food Safe Level 1 Course :

The process helps to secure a part-time job- With a plethora of restaurants and supermarkets in and around your city job opportunities are plenty. All you need to do is make yourself stand out from fellow applicants. Through the safety measurement program, you show your employer that you are already equipped with the basic understandings of safety and hygiene. The course is accepted by quite a few organizations within the ambit of the catering industry. The course will boost up your career- If you gather in-depth analysis of food hygiene, will pave away towards a better career. You can make your dream come true by becoming a manager in the food and hospitality industry. As the training is imparted by professional experts, you can be rest assured that they will take up the onus of doing the needful. They make sure of making your career smooth, transparent and seamless.

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