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What are the key elements of WHMIS course?

WHMIS course includes the information and the instructions provided to the workers of Canada for several reasons and benefits. Huge number of people are now joining WHMIS course in Vancouver and in many other regions of Canada just to stay at the safe side when working with different hazardous stuff in their workplaces.

Different topics covered in the WHMIS course.

The entire WHMIS course comprises two parts – education and the training part. The education part of this course is intended to offer the basic information on the safety principles, data sheets, labels, hazard classifications, and other related aspects. The common topics that are covered in the WHMIS training in Vancouver are: -  
  • What is WHMIS and what is the purpose of this course
  • The roles and responsibilities
  • How different types of chemicals get into the body
  • What are the adverse effects on health
  • What do the labels need to display
  • The pictograms
  • How to read the safety data sheets
  • The basic safety guidelines
  • How to handle emergency cases
  • How to use PPE
  • And, the meaning of the hazard statements and signal words on the labels in the workplace

Here are the three key elements of WHMIS training: -

There are three chief elements of WHMIS course. These are designed to offer the workers or the learners all the information required for protecting themselves from misusing or overexposing the hazardous materials.

Labels: -

The main purpose of the WHMIS labels is to warn the workers about the potential hazards of the materials. These labels also give information about the elimination process or the reduction process of those hazards from the materials. There are basically two types of labels: -  
  • Supplier labels: - The suppliers need to give supplier labels to the everyone who will purchase the products from them. The suppliers cannot just sell and you cannot buy the products if there is no supplier label on the product.
  • Workplace labels: - Every employer in Vancouver need to make sure that there is a workplace labels on every product there in the workplace. And, the label must display the information the legislation needs.

MSDS that is Material Safety Data Sheets: -

Material safety data sheets are the documents, which contain technical information about some of the specific products. The information may include details like the storage, use, and other safety handling measures of the products. MSDS contains much more information as compared to the labels.

Worker training and education: -

All workers in Vancouver who are exposed to or work with different types of hazardous materials must join the WHMIS training in Vancouver. The worker needs to join a good school where he or she can get a comprehensive training on the fundamentals of WHMIS and can get information of the actual workplace as well.   So, these are the chief elements of WHMIS course. But, apart from this, many people are also joining the fall protection course in Vancouver now. Just like the WHMIS course, fall protection training in Vancouver has also gained popularity due to many reasons and advantages.

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